Everyone once in a while I need to vent on here. I try to stay upbeat and positive, but sometimes the world just doesn’t allow me to let this happen.

So what’s happened in the last few months in my life? Lemme break it down for ya:

  • in my last full module of my postgraduate degree
  • I have to contest a grade/meeting with a dean of my program about a course that just finished
  • I’m house/apartment searching to move in with my boyfriend
  • I’m looking for a new part-time job since my regular seasonal one is about to end (Hello Starbucks, can we meet job-wise this time?)
  • I had a job offer, then I got it taken away in less than 12 hours
  • I celebrated 2 years with my boyfriend
  • I’ve been grumpy as eff, possible medical problem
  • probably have gained about 8lbs and looks like I gained 20..
  • looking for a full-time legal job roughly in my field.
  • read about 3 books (school, when will you be over?)
  • I finally got to go see my best friend who moved into her own house almost a year and a half ago (which is 2 1/2 hours away)!
  • I had a reading week in which I feel as though I did nothing with
  • received a $700 bursary from school which I’m super thankful for.
  • went ring looking with one of my best friends, found the perfect ring (for a proposal that won’t happen for years) and then found my perfect wedding venue a few days shortly after, dang I’m gonna need to win the lottery for that venue (aka not happening).

I’ve honestly been feeling super defeated with a lot of things lately. My boyfriend and I thought we pretty much had like the perfect house for rent from his friends, but then they decided to tell their cousin about it, and family obviously gets it over family. Work has been killing my mood lately and I feel like I keep getting screwed over no matter how much I do. I’m having a few roommate problems. It seems that every time I turn around and have something good happen, something negative happens.

I’ve also had wedding fever on the go lately. I keep seeing people I went to highschool with getting engaged when they have barely been with their SO for a while. That, on top of some weddings coming up, my boyfriends friends’ being engaged, and just planning to go to weddings lately, has made me excited for a wedding in the far, far future. Future as in probably 3 years from now.

I’m also excited to move in the upcoming months. I hate my apartment and having to ‘share’ a space that I can’t really make my own. I’m excited to start a new chapter with my boyfriend and hopefully find a really cute space of our own to make it really feel like my home after being out on my own the last six years.

On the plus side, I’m trying to workout and sleep a bit more to try and get those endorphins up and get my mood up before the day starts. However, I’m usually tired (sinus problems I think?) and I feel less motivated as late. I think I have a change to fix this, but we’ll see!

Have you been having some springtime blues? How do you cope when it seems that everything is just dragging you down?