• Kayla is a 25 year old recent university & college graduate and now a working girl, with a love for books, is a self proclaimed coffee snob, and a slob. She works in law and is a part-time barista! This is her blog to rant, give some reviews, and hopefully connect with others!

  • Once Upon A Time.. Mad Libs Fairytales

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    Once upon a time, in a far away castle in Ireland, there lived a smart summoner who was able to summon themselves to places of a specific time, both fictional and real. She lived alone in a bookstore, where it had grown up with the deceased owner. She had beautiful hands, and it was known for its shiny red copy of Harry Potter, the only thing it had left of its parents.


    #LoveAThon 2017, a Little Late to the Party!

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    Hi Everyone! I was so excited to do this again this year, but I got so caught up in working and being stressed out I totally forgot about this and got late to the party! This always allows me to find new blogs which I absolutely love! So, let’s get down to business, shall we?


    The Reading Slump–A Book Blogger’s Nightmare

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    Have you ever just read some great reads and then just become afraid of starting another book that you feel as though just won’t compare?

    Or, have you ever been reading so much that sometimes you feel as though you just can’t pick up something else and don’t know where to start?

    Or, somewhere in the middle between these two?

    Just completely lost at all with reading at the moment?

    Well, this has been part of my reality for some time now. I feel just in a slump. I know I have some great reads on my shelf, I just feel as though I can’t fully¬†commit to reading one of them as of late. It is as though my brain is just over fed with information that reading something else would just break it, so I turn to TV shows instead.

    I feel like I need a novel to just let me get completely lost in without overthinking the aspects of the novel. Maybe that means turning back to a favorite from when I was younger. Or maybe it means taking a break and focusing on TV at the moment. There is a lot of great shows out recently, especially A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix.

    What do you do to help your reading slump?