• Kayla is a 25 year old recent university & college graduate and now a working girl, with a love for books, is a self proclaimed coffee snob, and a slob. She works in law and is a part-time barista! This is her blog to rant, give some reviews, and hopefully connect with others!

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    So I’m going to talk about what’s been going on with me. Mentally. The big taboo that no one wants to talk about or admit.


    July and Midsummer Round up.

    IMG_5825¬†Hello, all! Sorry for a bit of radio silence lately, I’ve been super busy and consumed with studying for my licensing exam that occurred this past Tuesday. I honestly have been having the life of eating, sleeping, studying, working, repeat since June when I finished placement. I haven’t had a whole lot of time for other reading, unless you count re-reading all of the Harry Potter’s until The Cursed Child came out last week, which I’m anxiously awaiting to read once I finish this darn resume re-write, for what feels as though is the thousandth time.¬† (more…)

    June & Fit, Fab, Fierce Challenge

    We’re already more than halfway through June and I’m just blogging now. Why you may ask? One word: Work. I still hate my current retail job with everything in me, and things seem to only be getting worse the more I continue to work there. Previously I mentioned how I was closing every weekend, all weekend, which hasn’t changed other than the fact that for the last 4 weeks I’ve requested one day or evening off due to an event of some sort. Then they had to cut back hours, which is understandable if sales are low, but mine were cut the most drastically, from 40-14 hours. All because I ‘booked a Saturday off’. After speaking with the owner about some concerns with these cuts, aka I live on my own and 14 hours doesn’t cut it or I will have to find other work, which is something they hate working around, she assured me I wouldn’t get less than 20 hours a week at the moment. (more…)