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    July Roundup!

    Normally I have a nice fancy picture to go along with this post, but I’m a bit lazy to be quite honest. I’ve been working quite a lot lately which means more laziness and excuses for me which is basically unacceptable after a few things I’ve read/seen/had conversations about this week. Plus, my last post is pretty racy due to the topic, but hey-no one said I didn’t do racy or out there posts! So, here it goes:

    Working out: Basically none. I started eating crappy, being lazy, especially after my trip to the trailer. This is changing this month.

    Books read:
    To Kill A Mockingbird-Harper Lee
    Grey-E.L. James
    Clash of Kings- George R.R. Martin
    (Currently Reading) Go Set A Watchman.
    I’ve also been kind of lazy on the reading frontier with the whole catching up on Suits and keeping up with Rookie Blue/Big Brother right now.. My life is slow at the moment okay? Hopefully that’s changing!

    What I Did this month:
    Went to my trailer with my boyfriend and friends, which was great and a much needed getaway! I worked a bunch, picking up extra shifts at the restaurant while working 35+ hours at the store. I saw Magic Mike XXL and Minions. I also found out I need sinus surgery to clear out my sinuses and get a biopsy to see if there are any other issues. My plumbing backed up into my sink for 72 hours before a plumber finally came in to see that the issue was actually the apartment above us is backing up our sink and basically pours grease down their plumbing which makes ours back up. Not supposed to be that way, but hey that’s what I get for living in an old building. That is all that is interesting in life right now I suppose and an uneventful month in a lot of ways!

    Goals for the upcoming month:
    Workout 2-3x/week -manageable right? I need to get off my lazy butt and make this a routine gosh darn-it!
    Drink more than 1L of water a day- again, supposedly manageable but my bladder is the size of like nothing. Yeah, I didn’t have anything to compare the size to. I need to track my water more as well.
    Try a new (healthy) recipe a week. Just one. Modify to my liking as well. I need to get more veggies into me!

    How was your July? Did you do anything exciting? Did you stick to any goals or achieve any goals? Let me know!

    June & Fit, Fab, Fierce Challenge

    We’re already more than halfway through June and I’m just blogging now. Why you may ask? One word: Work. I still hate my current retail job with everything in me, and things seem to only be getting worse the more I continue to work there. Previously I mentioned how I was closing every weekend, all weekend, which hasn’t changed other than the fact that for the last 4 weeks I’ve requested one day or evening off due to an event of some sort. Then they had to cut back hours, which is understandable if sales are low, but mine were cut the most drastically, from 40-14 hours. All because I ‘booked a Saturday off’. After speaking with the owner about some concerns with these cuts, aka I live on my own and 14 hours doesn’t cut it or I will have to find other work, which is something they hate working around, she assured me I wouldn’t get less than 20 hours a week at the moment. (more…)

    Where did we leave off?

    Since getting hacked, I’ve been super busy. Busy trying to get better that is. I’ve been plagued by a cold for about a week and a half now and I think it’s finally (fingers crossed) slowly starting to go away. I’ve had a few really good knock out nights of sleep and a lot of lazing around when I’m not at work. Due to this, however, I’ve been slacking so much on working out, exercising, and eating right. I think a lot of it has to do with just wanting to sleep and be in my bed re-watching Charmed instead of doing anything else.

    I have been keeping ahead of the 52 Week Money Challenge and believe I am saved up until week 6. Every now and then I’ll throw in $10-$20 to just stay ahead and keep saving for my laptop. A friend from work is selling me his gently used iPhone 5 while he gets a new one and it only doesn’t vibrate but I might have to get it unlocked which you can apparently do for cheaper these days than the $150 I spent three years ago on my iPhone 4 that I currently am using.

    I did get accepted into 3/4 of the colleges programs I applied to. Two are postgraduate’s diplomas while one is just a basic college program at the college that is in the city I am in and I am anxiously waiting to hear back about their postgraduate program acceptance as well. Still not a word from law schools yet, however.

    Other than that, I’ve honestly feel like I’ve been a workaholic but things seem to be slowing down a bit. The reading week is coming up which means I get a weekend off and a week off from having to manage the restaurant, but still have to work and do a lot of paperwork to catch up on and implementing programs for the following year’s managing team. Just feels as though I have a lot more on my plate than usual than most right now, but things are looking up!

    How has the start to your year been? Have you been slacking a bit like me, or are you ahead of the game?