After getting married just a few short weeks ago, I believe I know can fully let you know what to expect-ish from my perspective. Of course, feel free to email me or leave any questions or your advice for newly-engaged brides in the comments below!

  1. you think you have a budget but then you dont realize how expensive everything it is

My husband and I set an orginal budget and we were blown away at how completely unrealistic that budget was and had to double it! We ended up moving in with his parents so we could afford the wedding (not my complete dream wedding but it was still a dream! and budget friendly) and so we could hopefully pay down our student debt (more on this later..)

2. you feel like youre booking everything so far in advance

We had a 22 month long engagement and I got on booking everything as soon as humanly possible. This was for a couple of reasons. First, it helped to secure the people you really want on your day because a lot of vendors book up FAST. This is especially true for photographers, venues, and hair and makeup teams. Secondly, most vendors will let you book a season out and keep that years pricing going into the next wedding season. I was able to book out every single vendor almost two seasons ahead and got to keep that pricing due to all of my contracts. When it came down to the day of, I saved a boat load of money since every single one of my vendors pricing went up. 

3. you think you have enough time.
Everything feels like so far away that you don’t need to think about it but then closer to, you need to start thinking about it. Even small ideas and details are helpful to bring up ideas or just keep track of, even if you can’t complete it until closer to (like your seating chart).

4. You begin to overthink all of your decisions and second guess

Oh man did I ever do this! I stated second guessing myself a lot. Thankfully, I was able to just stick with my decisions and everything turned out for the best, but it does happen! You are not alone. 

5.people will comment, criticize, and think they know better

I had so many opinions on my wedding, even after the fact. I had my MIL tell me she hated my bridesmaids dresses because they weren’t as modest to what she prefers (she never wears anything even a bit low cut, everything is scoop necked) after my wedding. People will have opinions, it’s your day, it’s what you want, and you are paying for it (or your parents for you), so don’t listen to outside opinions! Unless it’s a suggestion from a professional. 

6. by the end you will just have wished you eloped

This is super normal. Nerves, anticipation, an event you’ve worked so hard on. It feels like as the day gets closer you wonder how you will ever enjoy it. At the end of the day, I’m really happy with how our day turned out!

7. hiring a wedding planner is not a waste of money 

My day-of-coordinator was an absolute godsend. She helped with everything. From literally running our rehersal and planning that all out, to helping out with the guys boutinners so they were pinned correctly, having double sided tape so the girls dresses lay the way they were supposed to for pictures, to having deoderant for boob sweat. I would pay for them every single time. I also had so many compliments on how amazing they were from everything (even to having a pair of flip flops for my aunt!).

8. You will hate your parents at some point

From guest lists, to opinions, to family you ‘need’ to invite but haven’t ever met (I’ve been with my husband for almost 6 years and didn’t meet his three adult cousins until the day of our wedding and they ‘had’ to be there with guests). You will hate them at some point. It’s inevitable. It’s almost as though it is their day too in their eyes. 


If you have any questions or need advice, or any tips for other people, please reach out!