The other day was World Mental Health Day and I am trying to be more open about the fact that I suffer from Anxiety.

I have yet to be ‘formally’ diagnosed because I’ve worked through it with therapy and counselling, and my doctor (thankfully) doesn’t want to put me on more medications then need be. He fully supports counselling. I was also going to counselling for another reason that could be a side effect/inducing my anxiety.
This is how I decide to share some of my mental health, is how I cope these days with some help from research and from therapy. I seriously urge anyone to go to therapy even if you don’t think you have a specific mental health condition. It has helped so much.
As I know some people may go, “Oh, just one more post on how to deal/self-care, etc” but, I’ve actually used these methods. Here are some tips (and some advice I’m trying to give myself, I’m a WIP guys (Work-in-progress) ).
  1. Yoga
  2. Journal
  3. Meditation
  4. Working Out
  5. Eating (decently) healthy

1- Yoga
I really can’t believe how awesome a regular yoga practice has been to my mental health. I also feel myself relaxing when I’m in a flow/restorative/or regular class. My muscles don’t tighten up as much like your body does if it’s in a constant state of stress (like mine was) and it’s helping improve my flexibility in my hamstrings SO MUCH (but I still have a ham of a way to go).  The breathing is like a form of meditation to me and DON’T SKIP THE SHAVASANA!! It helps so much and I get so in tune with myself. It’s like meditation before and after my yoga session.

2 – Journalling
I’ve been trying really hard to get better into this practice on the daily, but it still gets difficult. Whenver I’m having a hard time or start getting anxiety induced thoughts (like what I’m wearing in my engagement photos in 3 degree weather won’t look good in our photos) I need to stop and take a step back, allow myself to have these feelings and then just drop it, which journalling helps. Or by starting to be more grateful in your journalling which is something I’ve been trying to accomplish with my rant-ful entries.

This ties into yoga but it is so helpful, especially when I was really terrible with my anxiety, it was the only real thing that would ground me. I still use some of the practices in my daily life. I use the Calm app which I pay for, but it was worth the investment to me since the voice is so calming and soothing and they frequently update it all the time. I just got more into it vs the Headspace app and the british dude.
4- Working Out regularly
I’ve found a fitness regime and I’ve stuck to it since APRIL. Which is leaps and bounds to me. I go to a yoga/barre/pilates studio and I love it. The instructors are what keep me going and paying to go. It’s more expensive than a gym membership (or the same, depending on your area) but going on a consistent basis has been super beneficial to my mental AND physical health. I focus on my body for an hour long class and my brain shuts off. I get this feeling while at yoga too. Someone else is also telling me what to do so I don’t have to plan anything else or think about it, which is great for me.
5-Eating somewhat healthy
I’m all for having balance in my diet (hello whole box of GF pizza Friday, bottle of wine at the wedding Saturday), but I also need to eat good to fuel my body too. A huge part in this was finding out I’m allergic to wheat. I’m not gluten free, but I can’t have anything with wheat in it (which is everything). I find myself craving bowls like naked burrito bowls or rice bowls, etc, and fuelling my body differently. This girl still loves her french fries though.
What are some tips you have for yourself/me/others with your mental health? 1 in 4 people have mental health problems and it is becoming so common to have these days. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you feel comfortable sharing with a stranger.