It’s been a while and I know that. I have these ‘slumps’ where I get so many ideas for this blog and then I don’t find the time. Rather, I don’t make the time. So this is me, sitting here, after bingeing on How to Get Away With Murder on Netflix and knowing I need to write something.

Around January of last year I wrote about New Years Resolutions. I’ve been trying to find better ways of hitting my goals and I’m trying to reflect on the ones I made last year and what I’ve done to try and improve on them.

Although I stated that I wanted 2017 to focus on my health, really it has been the main guide of 2018 as well. Last year I made the goals to do the following:

  • get sinus surgery booked
  • start eating healthier
  • work out consistently
  • take care of my mind and body
  • read more
  • break away from the phone and social media
  • watch my finances

So, how have I done so far?

Sinus Surgery- I have a pre-op appointment in a few weeks and we will go from there. It may be more TMJ related but I shall discuss with the surgeon when I see him.

Eating Healthier- Still a big focus for me. I try but I get sucked into eating terribly. I also live at my in-laws and hate getting in their space so it’s been difficult. I’ve found out that I have a sensitivity/intolerance/’allergy’ to wheat, and that has helped me lose 10 lbs by cutting that out and trying to avoid it at all costs. Also makes some food planning difficult with the in-laws but I’m trying to make it work.

Work out consistently- I actually do this somewhat regularly. I’ve been going to a Yoga and Barre studio and go at least 2x a week, been playing beach volleyball and on my firm’s slo-pitch league. I need to get in a bit more cardio into my workouts to get this stubborn few inches off, but I am a work in progress and I can tell how much muscle I’ve gotten in the past few months from this consistency. Still a work in progress as I canceled going to yoga this weekend to sleep in and have a weekend to myself.

Take care of mind with the body– this has been a challenge. I haven’t been meditating like I should but yoga has helped immensely. It helps me get out of my own head for an hour and focus just on what my body is doing and breathing. Always something I can improve on.

Read more – I actually have been able to do this. I read on my lunches almost daily at work and that has really helped. I’ve gotten some guilty pleasure recommendations and am currently reading a large series that, while isn’t the greatest written, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine. I bought a Kobo off of kijiji and that has helped. I miss real books as well though. I am also trying to push myself to read some personal development books into the mix.

Break away from my phone and social media – I go back and forth on this one. Every now and again, I’ll just delete Facebook and Instagram from my phone just for a forced break. I spend way too much time on both, especially at work. Still something I hope to focus on and improve upon.

Watch my finances – I’ve taken big steps in this department but still am looking for ways to fix this. We’ve been seeing a financial advisor and moved in with my fiance’s parents to help pay down debt and save money for the wedding at the same time. It’s been really difficult on me and my mental health and I eat out a lot more now that I live here because sometimes there is lack of communication with dinner (one kitchen/we eat together) or just people get lazy. It’s hard to manage when you want to meal prep for yourself but if you have meals for only yourself, it seems rude. The wedding still worries me, but I am hoping to cut back on how many lunches I buy and try and meal prep a little bit more. We shall see.

Overall, I’m happy with my progress. I want to improve for food wise and to keep up with the exercise and these goals are all super relevant and a constant work in progress. A check-in to see where I’m at and where I’ve come from is a really good idea. I hope to make more plans in the upcoming months to keep myself on track.

Do you look back on how far you’ve come on some of your past goals? Let me know!