Is there anything more exciting than receiving a surprise care package from one of your best book buddies? Didn’t think so! If you had the opportunity to surprise one or more of your favorite characters with a care package for Valentine’s Day, what would you be sure to include? Have fun virtually shopping for the character(s) you love and let us know via photos, collages, etc., what you would love to send them!

My Character:  Casey Duncan from A Darkness Absolute

Casey is living in Rockton, a secret town in the Yukon, for people trying to escape. Casey is a detective in Rockton, investigating murders and does not have contact to the outside world.

My Care Package:

Coffee and Tea: yes, Rockton does get a supply of coffee and tea, but a girl needs some options! I would bring her a big supply of Starbucks goooood coffee and some David’s Tea, because I’m seriously obsessed. Especially on those cold winter days to warm a sister up!

A Kindle loaded with books: Although I am personally not a big Kindle fan, being isolated as Casey is, I would give her a loaded Kindle with a TON of books so she can sit back, relax, and read whatever she needs since she isn’t able to just go pick up a new book from the bookstore.

Some Chapters Reading Socks: I still need to get me a pair of these. Living in the Yukon, she probably needs a really good pair of thick, cozy, fashionable, warm socks. These are wonderful. I am obsessed with touching them every time I walk into Chapters.

3 Wick Bath and Body Works Candles: To make her cabin that she was given more homey and she can pick and choose the scents she likes when she’s relaxing (whenever she has a split second to do so).

Really, my choices for Casey are some of the things she may not realize she might miss having that would be able to be kept with her in Rockton and wouldn’t parish/run out of.

Who was your character, what did you get them!?