Hi Everyone! I was so excited to do this again this year, but I got so caught up in working and being stressed out I totally forgot about this and got late to the party! This always allows me to find new blogs which I absolutely love! So, let’s get down to business, shall we?

Introduction to me & the blog!

1. My name is Kayla and I am blogging from Ontario, Canada!
2. I have always been a reader! I even went to school for English Literature for my undergraduate degree and I blog as a way to try and keep that part of me still alive and kicking! I’m trying to get better at being more critical about the things I read but I also love being just pulled into a novel and craving of doing nothing but devouring a book all day.
3. I’ve had a blog for years, I’ve always wanted to write. I came across some blogs I love that do a feature every now and then and some of them had some followers from the book blogging community and I started switching my blog into focusing more into novels and that was it!
4. My blogging platform has evolved from one of this piczo sites to blogger to being hosted, and then this!
5. My site name came from me taking the leap into having my own site. I just started throwing things around, and Sunday mornings with a coffee and a good book are one of my favorite ways to start a new week! It also helps that I am now a barista for my part time job and am obsessed with my daily cup of java 😉
6. My favorite thing about this community is how all unique everyone is. I also love being able to get new book recommendations on books I never thought I would even pick up. I get to open up to so many new reads and genre’s and everyone is so inclusive, it’s great!
7. Readers will generally get a low down on a book without too many spoilers and trying to pick up on some crucial aspects that make the novel great. I also post some personal posts since writing is therapeutic for me.
8. Most of my blog focuses on YA Fiction but I do also focus on some Fiction. It’s usually paranormal fiction but I’m breaking into some mystery and other genre’s as well.

9. Favorite food is usually fries or plain rippled potato chips. Favorite beverage: coffee, right now a Grande Ristretto Americano with 1 pump toffee nut 🙂
10. Favorite colour is a nice deep purple or just even a purple. I’m really into burgundy as well.
11. Favorite thing apart from reading?: Probably binge watch Netflix since we don’t have cable. Right now we’re re-watching Gilmore Girls. I got my boyfriend hooked on it.
12. Favorite Tv Shows: Here comes a loooong list: One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, Suits, Nashville, Smallville, Supernatural, basically, a lot of old school CW shows, HTGAWM, etc…
13. Favorite musical artists is really difficult, since I can’t choose since I like a lot of genre’s so I just won’t choose 🙂
14. Favorite places to shop: Dynamite is a big one for me right now with trying to find clothes that are both work, office appropriate while also being casual. I also like H & M, Garage, and American Eagle

Book Talk
I read a lot of The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes and The Serious of Unfortunate Events, oh and Dolphin Diaries as a kid. Those were the best since there were so many books and it felt like I never could run out when I was a kid. 
In the last 5 years? Man this is hard, especially since I read so many in university. I’ll have to get back to you on this one lol.
Favorite Genre’s would most definitely be YA Fiction mostly in the paranormal aspects. Or even adult books with paranormal aspects, like Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld Series (I won’t stop raving about her, ever)
I’ll say it again, Kelley Armstrong. (shout out to my Canadian girls 😉 )
Ugh, none of them. It’s always a let down or they miss a vital piece of a book or show that makes a character so unique or so ‘them’. I do always watch the adaptations but it just makes me want to re-read the books.

I’d love to see anyone from any other Love A Thon Blogs! Please comment below and I’d love to check out your site 🙂