You’ve received a box of Sweethearts candy, and you’re asked to share the candy with a person or couple – fictional or real. Tell us who you’d give these messages to:

  • LOVE WINS: A couple you didn’t think would get together, but against all odds, they did
    • Jasper and Wylan from A Crooked Kingdom. I was just WAITING for it to happen. Thank goodness! (sorry, spoiler)
  • I DO: A character you’d marry
    • I’m going to get backlash for this, and I’m okay with it. Jacob from Twilight. Just a biiggg le sigh.
  • DREAM BIG: A character whose dreams you want to come true
    • Marie Laure from All The Light We Cannot See
  • CRAZY 4 U: A character you’re crazy about
    • Probably Casey from Kelley Armstrong’s Casey Duncan’s Series
  • TRUE LOVE: Your ultimate OTP
    • Ron and Hermione hands down
  • TE AMO: A language you’d want to be wooed in
    • French for sure. But if I knew it it would be better.
  • BFF: A character you want to be your best friend
    • Hermione. Or Savannah from Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series
  • WINK WINK: A character you’d want to wink at you
    • Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows just because I doubt he would
  • SWEET TALK: A character who knows how to sweet talk/flirt
    • Nick Sorrentino from Otherworld
  • BEST DAY: A moment from a book you wish happened to you or your IRL best day
    • best day is probably one of my days where I get to just lay on the couch binge watching Netflix/reading with my guy or having a beach day with an umbrella to cover my pasty skin and read a book <3
  • OOH LA LA: A character you want to slow dance with
    • Noah from The Notebook
  • LOVE YOU: The character that gets your undying love
    • Harry Potter because he’s Harry Potter.


Let me know what your candies were!