Let’s go on a road trip! Pick 3-4 people—fictional characters, readers/bloggers, authors—you’d love to take on this road trip; a place you’re headed towards like Disneyland, Grand Canyon, Martha’s Vineyard, etc; and what you’ll be doing on this road trip, like topics of discussion, who’s driving, who’s in charge of the road trip music, etc.

Characters: Elena and Clay Danvers (always need a good werewolf pack), Casey Duncan (detective and human), Harry Potter (you can always use a brave wizard), Kaz Brekker (can always get his way out of trouble)

Location: Road Trip across Scotland

Music selection: Clay Danvers since he’ll be grumpy if you don’t let him listen to what he wants. He may even threaten to kill you.

Driving: Definitely not Harry Potter or Kaz Brekker, probably Casey Duncan with her sleuthing methods.

Snacks: Elena since she’s a werewolf and they basically need to eat, all.the.time.

Packing: Harry Potter, swish and flick and he can get everyone’s luggage in the car! They drive backwards and smaller cars in Scotland, I think..

This group would be hilarious to travel with. You’ve got two, very strong, independent women who know what they’re doing and don’t mind telling anyone off (aka Kaz, cause you know he’s gonna find trouble anywhere). Casey would probably just learn about everyone’s different worlds. How Elena and Clay live in secret of what they are, Harry calling Casey a Muggle, and Kaz just living in an alternative reality completely from everyone else.

We would be stopping at various destinations along the way like Harry trying to get the Loch Ness Monster to show with magic, or Clay trying to swim and find it in the lake. Kaz would probably try and ride the damn thing while Casey would use her skills to find out if it actually exists.

There would also be a stop at the Urquhart Castle, where Harry would feel right at home next to Hogwarts. Kaz would try and overthrow the whole area by starting up some gang.

There would most likely be multiple arguments between Kaz and Clay, with Clay always threatening to kill Kaz.

Harry would be a bit of the silent type and Casey would try and figure him out. Elena would be the mom making everyone get along but also not afraid to tell people where to shove it.

All in all I love this mix.

Please let me know what your road trip was like! Who would be going with you and to where?