Hello all! Happy New Year! I hope everyone’s holidays were splendid and everyone got a chance to relax :).

My 2016 saw some amazing things! I really love to recap my previous year to start the next year off on a positive note. My 2016 saw the following:

  • I graduate from my paralegal program
  • I passed my licensing exam for my paralegal license (Ontario paralegals are regulated through the Law Society)
  • I got my first full time job at a law firm
  • I moved in with James
  • I hosted my first Christmas with James’ family and my family
  • I bought my first car

2017 has already started off with a bang! One of my best friends just had her 25th birthday and got engaged! I’m so excited for her, such a wonderful start to my 2017.

I’ve been hearing a lot of people somewhat ask, “what is the point to starting New Years Resolutions?” Well, to me, it is just a great time to start trying to be more mindful of personal growth. I see resolutions as a way to push yourself throughout the year trying to get myself to grow and have new challenges while breaking out of my comfort zone. My 2017 will focus on one thing: My Health. Following this my resolutions are the following:

  • get my sinus surgery booked and completed before September (because we have a wedding/are planning a trip out to B.C.)
  • start eating healthier. I already eat decently healthy, but I lack in the vegetable department big time. This is such a hard thing for me to do, growing up super picky. I’ve been (somewhat) following along with the Tone It Up Look for Love challenge meal plan and have worked out 3 times this week, which is not common.
  • really start working out consistently. With this wedding coming up, my health not being the greatest, and us planning out a trip to B.C. with one of our super active friends (read: I want to go on a hike and not die with her!) I really want to make this a priority in my life.
  • Take care of my mind and body. I’ve been having some changes to my body with certain medications I have been on, and one of them has really reduced my energy levels and affected my moods. I’ve already made an appointment to speak with my physician and to try and change that or just get off the medication completely. Aka, Birth Control for anyone who is female and may understand. One of my close friends and I have noticed some of the same issues, with some of my own issues being that I feel almost “numb” with my emotions because of it. I think it has to do with the changes in my body the last two years and me thinking it was school stress, when I definitely don’t think it is anymore.
  • Read more. I didn’t hit my target of books this year, mostly due to me being in school and studying for about 8 months of this year. I really want to focus on reading more, taking away from television and other screen activities.
  • Break away from the phone and social media. I really think social media can be a great thing, but I feel sucked into it too easily. At work, I gravitate to my phone a lot. A habit I’m trying to break. I’ve  been trying to keep my phone out of my eye line so I don’t pick it up as much, and I think I might start tracking how many times a day I actually pick it up to stop this nasty habit. I also need to actually take a break at work when I’m eating my lunch, and I want to start reading on my lunches, even for 20 minutes, just to recharge and get away from a screen of some sort.
  • Really watch my finances. This is always a big one since I am always trying to be conscious and aware of my spending, but all of my student loans are going to start coming at my at once, and I want to be prepared for the outcome.

Most of these center around being more mindful of my mind and body, something I really want to focus on this year and moving towards my later years in life. I’m starting to really get more comfortable with my body shape, but exercising does help improve my confidence in my body. This low energy makes it feel as though I can’t push through a workout, and hopefully the next two months will see a great change in this.

Do you have any goals for 2017? If so, I’d love to hear them!