top ten tuesday

This Top Ten Tuesday is about the new to me authors of 2016. Since 2016 isn’t over yet, and I have, what I’ve felt like, has barely read, I am sticking to a few ‘new to me’ authors of 2016.

1. Ryan Graudin— I recently read Graudin’s The Walled City. While a review is coming up soon for this novel, I can’t say I was disappointed nor completely thrilled with his writing. Would I try something else by him again? Probably. More to come on this author!

2. Robert Galbraith— Does J.K. Rowling’s pseudonym count as being a “new” author? I’m going to say it counts since it is a whole new genre for her, and she put it under another name for a different reason! I really enjoy these “who-dunnit” series. I really am looking forward to some more novels in this un-series.

3. Leigh Bardugo–I was so enthralled with this whole story. I cannot wait to read the sequel that is upstairs in my room. Chapters messed up an order I had placed a while back and they ended up giving me a $20 free credit, and free shipping to store (since I work practically next door to one) meant I got this sequel for free!

4. V.E. Schwab— I actually really enjoyed this different world novel, and cannot wait to get my hands on the sequel. I was really happy I picked this book up, and now I know why there is so much talk about Schwab’s books! This one is a must read.

5. E.K. Johnston–I really enjoyed the re-telling of this novel. I enjoyed it so much, I’ve been asking for some more of this author’s books for Christmas! I just hope their other novels live up to the re-telling of A Thousand Nights.

That is my ‘new to me’ edition for 2016 (so far!) What are you ‘new to you’ authors you would recommend? I’d love to know!