IMG_5825 Hello, all! Sorry for a bit of radio silence lately, I’ve been super busy and consumed with studying for my licensing exam that occurred this past Tuesday. I honestly have been having the life of eating, sleeping, studying, working, repeat since June when I finished placement. I haven’t had a whole lot of time for other reading, unless you count re-reading all of the Harry Potter’s until The Cursed Child came out last week, which I’m anxiously awaiting to read once I finish this darn resume re-write, for what feels as though is the thousandth time. 

My life has felt like a bit of a whirlwind lately. My boyfriend and I moved into our house together and it is very slowly coming along. I’ve somewhat become obsessed with home designing to try and get our home to be a home, instead of the drab college feeling like my ugly second-hand couch has been giving me, but that will come with time, and of course a job. I have been scrounging everywhere to get so many ideas for how I want to decorate, and pinning/screenshotting tons of ideas.

Moving onto the joyous job search. I feel like everyone is getting all of these wonderful opportunities and I’m still searching and hoping, with little luck. Yes, I’m re-writing my resume again, but that is because I’ve been feeling very brushed off but quite a few employers to whom I am a perfectly qualified candidate for a lot of positions. So, hence, the re-write. I’m trying not to get too discouraged and am just hoping that something that is really right for me, for now, is coming along my way shortly. I also have my backup plan in place to help with the finances of student loan payback time. Oh, what a wonderful time of year (sarcasm).

I am hoping to get a library card within a few days before work in the upcoming week so I can start updating more and more reviews to my bank account doesn’t hate me like it already does. I’m already on Indigo eyeing one previous book to finish my Cainsville series by Kelley Armstrong, and will probably place an order tomorrow morning for it… Bad Kayla, Bad.

Anyways! Since I have a million and one things I want to keep doing with this blog, and hopefully start re-connecting with some fabulous bloggers, I would love to hear pretty much any suggestions for books at the moment! I have a huge TBR list on my Goodreads, but considering I’m about to have a whole lot of time on my hands coming up, why not try to get cracking on that and keep adding to it ;).

I also want to know, what are your plans for the rest of the summer?! Did you already complete your big hoorah for the summer, or are you still looking forward to it? Personally, we have a really good friend coming home from BC next week and I have a mini-staycation with my family and my group of friends from my hometown during the long weekend in September. We’re going to my trailer, which I’m really excited for, along with one of my friends is getting married the following weekend! Super exciting.

Please let me know what fun things you’ve been up to this summer! I look forward to hearing from you!