top ten tuesdayEvery Tuesday is a list of Top 10 hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week, the topic is Ten Facts About Me:

  1. I am currently now in the “unemployed” status looking for full time work. I consider myself unemployed even though I have two part-time jobs at the moment.
  2. I am currently studying for a big examination that pertains to my career which is set for August 9th.
  3. I just recently moved in with my boyfriend.
  4. I am a dog lover, and my boyfriend’s cat is growing on me. Only slightly though.
  5. I recently went to the hospital for the first time in my life for myself to the ER. I was washing a very sharp knife of my boyfriend’s, it slipped out of my hand, and sliced my finger open like butter. I got ‘glue’ instead of stitches, which I’m super thankful for. The tetanus shot, however, I wish I could’ve lived without.
  6. I hate needles. I’ve had to overcome this a lot recently with blood tests and things, and I’m getting better, but I still act like a baby when it comes to them.
  7. I have the worst motivation to work out but I know I really need to.
  8. I have a medical condition called Ulcerative Colitis and also mild Crohn’s Disease, something I inherited from my mom.
  9. I’m afraid of failing and feel as though I am without full-time employment. It’s only been 3 weeks since I’ve been out of school and had one job interview that I feel as though didn’t go well.
  10. I’ve been getting grey hair since I was 16, and it’s getting worse at 24. They are right at the front of my face as well, not really good hiding spots for those. My dad’s been grey since before I was born.

This was just a short 10 facts about me! What are 10 facts about yourself?