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  • Top Ten Tuesday

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    top ten tuesday

    Here are the Top 10 Reasons why Kelley Armstrong is one of my favorite writers.

    1.       She’s Canadian, not only that but from Southwestern Ontario and my neck of the woods

    2.       Writes kick ass female characters that you can relate to that are strong women

    3.       Portrays issues that are occurring in today’s society with YA

    4.       Issues with mental health are actually discussed in some novels

    5.       Relationships aren’t completely out of whack

    6.       Always something new and interesting coming out and always trying to give her readers more with series that are super popular-ie Otherworld series

    7.       She answers her readers questions via Tumblr/Twitter quite consistently

    8.       She always has giveaways or opportunities to get different editions or signed merchandise.

    9.       She writes something for everyone

    10.    She’s a super nice lady-I met her at a book signing/reading at my university once 🙂


    Let me know what your Top Ten Tuesday this week was!

    What do you think?

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