While everyone is starting their summer vacation and enjoying the nice weather, I’m still finishing up school. I thought hey, three weeks, three classes, not a big deal right? WRONG! There seems to be just so much material that is zooming right by me.

We have a class led seminar and only given two hours in class to work on the actually paper portion and the presentation, not much time to get a lot done especially when your partner has to leave early to get their winter tires taken off. It’s also a lot when I’m working 5 nights a week on top of my school commitments. Lately, I was really good with working out and eating right, and then school started back up again. Working until 11pm, not getting home till 11:30 (if I’m lucky and catch the right bus), and then waking up at 5am so I can catch my 6:30 bus takes a toll with the 5 hours of sleep I’m left with. I try to get homework done after classes since I have a 2-3 hours gap between school and work, and there is no point and commuting an hour home to turn around and commute back to work. It’s been a lot this past week, and it’s scary to think that there is only 2 more weeks, or 7 more actually days of classes left. My professors were very nice and decided to give us Friday’s off for these three weeks, and then there is also the Victoria Day holiday on the 24th.

I’m also really nervous about my placement. Mine is so different than everyone else’s, but I’m still looking forward to it. I’m excited to see what will come of it, and hopefully, see the other doors career wise it could open to me by knowing the different opportunities that there are within my field which is a nice change compared to everyone else’s placements at law firms.

In terms of bookish news, I finished The Cuckoo’s Calling but haven’t actually opened another book. I think I’m partially scared to dive right into another book and then never get any school work done! I’ll probably start a new one today at work on my lunch break though :). As well, everyone is talking about the BEA which I so wish I could be attending! Maybe one day.

How is your summer going for you so far? Are you still in classes or working like me? Are you missing out on BEA as well? Let me know!