top ten tuesdayI’ve loved this idea ever since I started loving the Bookish community and now I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon. Every Tuesday is a list of Top 10 hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Ten Childhood Characters You’d Love To Revisit As Adults

1. Series of Unfortunate Events Children

I am absolutely thrilled about this becoming a Netflix series. The movie that came out a few years ago did an okay job in my opinion, but it only followed the first three novels and squished everything together so it wasn’t the best depiction. I also want to re-read these novels again soon. I loved being able to watch the children grow throughout this series.

2. Abby Hayes

I loved these books, I still have most of them at my parent’s place. I loved how they were written in purple pen (Abby’s favorite colour).

3. Dolphin Diaries

Dolphin’s are one of my favorite animals and I was overly obsessed with them as a child. I loved reading this series since I actually taught a little kid somewhat about the animals while also trying to teach them to be more conscious of the environment to help ocean creatures, not just Dolphins. Pretty awesome.

4. Captain Underpants

I have a younger brother and these comic books were the *rage* when I was in elementary school. Don’t ask me why, but they are!

5. The Berenstain Bears

I honestly really enjoyed these when I was much younger. I won’t lie, if these books or the tv show is on at the Doctor’s office, I’ll still pick them up and read them. I’m 24. I used to also put the movies on when I worked at a kids store last summer.

6. Arthur

Even when it had a TV show, Arthur was a pretty strong part of my childhood, especially coming home after school.

7. The Magic School Bus

Okay, favorite classic science teaching moment for Canadian kids. I loved getting to watch these episodes as a child when in class learning science. They were always so cool! (more of a TV show, but still, they are books).

8. The Magic Tree House Series

So this series was super cool. I know for me, we had these like Scholastic fairs at school with a catalogue and everything, and you could get like a subscription for books. My mom was awesome and let me sign up for this because this made me the most excited kid growing up to getting all these books. I loved reading this series since I’m so interested in Ancient cultures, and still am.

9. The Baby Sitter’s Club

I didn’t read a whole lot of this series, but I read enough of them. They were pretty great and anytime I found one in a book box from my Grandpa’s house (literally boxes of books my Grandma would bring over and I would just read like everything in them), I would usually read them.

10. Harry Potter

How can I NOT have Harry Potter on here? My Grandma and I were in Costco when I found the 4th book. She bought it for me, and little did I know that when I went to go read it, I was missing out on the first three novels! So then my grandparents got me the box set of the first three novels, and since then I was hooked. Still go back to these characters.

Is my list similar to yours? Do you think I’m missing any of these? Let me know!