School legitimately has been kicking my butt. Also, I had a TON going on life wise. Within the last month, I had something due practically every single day anywhere from tests, mock trials, exams, prep for mock trials, assignments, etc.

On top of school was work, and then finding a new job for when my work was ‘closing’ for the summer. Every summer they close and still have caterings which are pretty limited and are not that often, but this summer they decided to be open for lunch every day, times I can’t work. So I was busy scouring the web applying, handing out resumes, and going to job interviews. FINALLY, I got a job with Starbucks and I started training on Tuesday while I am on a two-week break from the final 6 weeks of my program.

Also, my boyfriend and I were busy scouring the city to find a place to rent together since we are moving in together when my lease is up. We were having the worst time. Either people wouldn’t respond to us, people wouldn’t show up for the appointments we had set up, or the units had been rented the day we were going to the viewing. As well, a while back my boyfriend’s really good friend got engaged and they were currently renting a 3 bedroom house for an AMAZING price in this city, and they were looking to buy a house before they got into wedding planning. Well, the friend told us and we were obviously interested in taking over the house but then the friends girlfriend happened to tell her cousin at the same time without the two of them speaking to each other.. The girlfriends cousin ended up deciding they couldn’t afford the house, SO WE GET A HOUSE!!! We’re pretty excited about it and have been sleuthing home stores galore (well more me and trying to tell him what I like in advance ;), I’m getting him to agree with my teal/bright blue accent colours). The house comes with a few things already which is pretty awesome but we are looking into buying a couch since we do not have one at the moment. So if anyone has any home inspiration, holla at your girl. Or even cute websites that will ship to Canada!

Lastly, I finally found out my placement for school which is ending SO SOON. It is crazy how fast this year has flown by. My placement is at an insurance company so I’m really interested in the opportunities that lie outside of the typical law office environment for my career. So my next few weeks are basically: training at Starbucks, going back to school for 3 weeks for 3 classes 8am-3pm (I will be exhausted), then placement for 3 weeks, and then studying for my licensing exam while moving!

I’m really trying to get into reading again at the moment especially with these two weeks off and am currently reading The Cuckoo’s Calling. I also just got two books from my prize pack out of the four from the Love-A-Thon which I’m super excited to get into! I can’t wait to start reading and getting back into the swing of things on here!

Last, but not least, I’m participating in Tone It Up’s 8 Week Bikini Series Challenge! I have these two weeks off and I really want to focus on getting my nutrition and working out back into a nice routine. I want to try and continue this thoroughout my last six weeks of schooling, which will be a difficult struggle, especially the days I have placement and then have to bus it straight to work, but I really want to try.

How was this last semester for you? Are you on a summer break as well? Are you reading any new good reads? Let me know in the comments!