It’s time for a tea break! In this post, you’ll share which fictional character, book blogger OR BookTuber OR Bookstagrammer, and author you’d want to have a tea party with and why. Feel free to go above and beyond by including more details about your dream tea party!

Dear Love-A-Thon lovelies! You are most extremely welcome to the Sunday Morning Coffee Tea & Coffee Party!


Invited: All Participants!

Character: The amazing Wanda/Melanie from The Host by Stephanie Meyer. (I’m counting them as one 😉 )
Author: Kelley Armstrong-I’ve met her IRL, and she’s actually pretty down to earth! 🙂 Would love to chat her ear off again!
Book Blogger: Stephanie from These Paper Hearts She is one of the first bloggers that got me very intrigued into this book blogging community!

The Menu:
Espresso, roasted coffee, or tea of your choice! There will be a variety of selection of David’sTEA available along with barista’s for your brewing pleasure!

As well, there will be an assortment of delights ranging from imported Macaroons, croissants, danishes, cookies, and more!

image1 (7)

You are to attend at the small cafe in Kayla’s local town, uptown. There will be comfy chairs.

The topic, although limitless, will be based upon female characters within YA and how they are breaking out of stereotypical roles for women through these novels.

Wanda/Melanie will captivate you in Wanda’s travels throughout the universe, and Melanie’s experience being trapped in her body with another person having complete control.

Kelley will entice you in how she crafts such wonderful characters throughout her novels, with some very strong, independent kick-ass women. Oh and her and I will probably apologize a million times while saying a lot of eh’s.

Stephanie, I would love to get to know more of, and dazzle you with her brilliant Photoshopping and design skills with her opinions on all the amazing reads.

We’ll eat too much, and drink too much caffeine to keep us wired throughout our conversations!


I hope you enjoyed my coffee and tea party 🙂