• Kayla is a 25 year old recent university & college graduate and now a working girl, with a love for books, is a self proclaimed coffee snob, and a slob. She works in law and is a part-time barista! This is her blog to rant, give some reviews, and hopefully connect with others!

  • #LoveAThon-BINGO!

    February 21st, 2016 | Posted in : Uncategorized | 2 Comments »

    Loveathon bingo[10]


    I will try and keep this updated at much as possible!

    Participate in 1 other challenge:
    Mix & Match -Previous blog post
    & This Bingo
    & The Tea Party Challenge!
    (will probably do the color challenge for the bookstagram after the challenge has finished, it’s too good not to!)

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    Participate in own of the Twitter Chats!
    #2 at 9pm EST!
    #3 at 9AM EST- Most of this one!
    #4 at 8PM-EST

    Colour Hunt: (ps. Canadian eh?! we like extra u’s)
    Purple, Pink & Blue: https://muggleboooks.wordpress.com/ -Muggle Book’s header!
    Purple: http://thebookkeepersapprentice.blogspot.ca/
    Pink: http://www.whatgeorgiedid.com/
    Blue: bookfreakrevelations.wordpress.com

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    What do you think?

  • It makes me happy to see you are introduced to Potterhead reviews and Chasing faerytales. I love those blogs!

    Thanks for joining!

  • Alexa S. says:

    I’m so happy you found What Georgie Did and Chasing Faerytales! I love those blogs (and the bloggers behind them) a whole lot <3 So glad you could join in!

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