Mini-challenge #1: Mix and Match
We all love books, but there are other things we’re passionate about too! Mash-up a non-bookish hobby/passion/talent/fandom with your bookish life. Do it through photos, art, videos, etc. Get as creative as you’d like!

Movies and Books: Adaptations

So one of my favorite hobbies is movies. Seriously, I grew up watching movies. Family time with my parents and brother is usually watching a movie, we fight over what movie to watch, my brother and I do Harry Potter Marathons, etc. So I’m compiling my list of my favorite adaptions from books to film. BUT I always find that the book is better than the movie. There is many reasons for this but still.

Harry Potter Series




How can I not start with Harry Potter? So this series is basically my favorite in terms of portrayals from novel to film. These films do the stories justice in almost all aspects. I say almost cause my biggest problem lies with The Order of the Phoenix at the Ministry of Magic. I felt as though they stuck pretty true to everything throughout the course of the novels and did not try and change too much with the length of the movies versus the books.


The Time Traveler’s Wife



I read this book probably a month before the movie came out since I really like reading the novels beforehand. I really enjoyed the differences between these two adaptations, since the film really stuck with the point of the novel. Although there are some differences, which I cannot recall right now (it’s on my re-read list!), it was still a beautiful love story whichever way you decide to read/watch for this story! Definitely a read/watch.


The Help

I actually watched the film adaptation of this first before reading the novel. I absolutely loved this film. It brought to light so many issues that are still so relevant today, and shows us where we came from with history especially in terms of racism and acceptance of other cultures. I went out and bought the novel shortly after, and I’m so glad I did. This will be a re-read in the future even though I have already re-read this novel quite a few times.


The Host


Everyone was obsessed with Twilight when it came out. Including myself, I must admit. Yes, shame, I know. However, when I found out Meyer was writing another novel and it too was being adapted into a film, I had to read it. At first, The Host threw me off. I’m not a huge sci-fi with aliens girl when it comes to novels or movies. However, I found myself getting intrigued with this novel, and the movie did a wonderful job in portraying the thought process of the two individuals beautifully. Plus, who’s not a sucker for loves hoping to be reunited?! This ‘war’ was peacefully done with a love story added that I quite enjoyed! Plus I just re-watched this movie with the boyfriend last night and he even enjoyed it! 10 points!


Extra Honorable Mention: Bitten
Not film but TV show adaptation


Bitten is actually an Otherworld series novel. This series does not get enough credit. It’s actually pretty amazing. Each novel is for a different character with other characters from the series throughout. It allows you to delve in to different characters with each novel, but allowing for the characters to remain mostly the same. The TV show is based off of the one character, from the introduction novel, Elena Michaels. Although this series is on its third and final season, I loved how they adapted it. I dislike the direction that it is somewhat going into for the third season, and wish there were more to follow, but that is TV land. Giving you what you love and then stripping it away from you!