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Wow, another year already gone. Seriously, where has the time went? I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! I certainly felt pretty spoiled this holiday season by my friends and family.

Taking a look back at my resolutions for 2015 and rating myself on how I did with them throughout the year:

1)Getting fit and becoming more active- 3.5/5
I was doing so well up until September when school started and I let school become my excuse.  I’ll do mini exercises here and there but I’ve been terrible these past 4 months, but again, this will be a consistent goal for me to keep striving for.

2)Going back to school-5/5
Honestly, I’m doing decently okay with school. I’m enjoying my program but am also nervous for what the future will hold for it. I’m nervous for the upcoming semester to start next week and to complete mock trials. Hoping I can keep up my motivation.

3)Budgeting -2/5
Yeah, I sucked at keeping up with this. Terribly. Something I definitely need to keep a bit more of a better handle on!

4) Organization-2/5
I still suck at this and am a pack rat. I need to de-clutter and get rid of crap that is not a necessity of mine.

5)Read more-5/5
I am always wanting to read. Although I only have read 3 novels since school started, I feel as though I’m still doing okay with trying to read while keeping on top of my school work. Especially since it helps me wind down after long days. I’m hoping to actually complete the Goodreads Reading Challenge next year and this year I won’t start it halfway through the year!

6)Pay off my credit card- 0/5
I completely flunked this! I was putting money away from my tips at work but then the holiday season got to be too much and this just stopped becoming a priority. Definitely something I am needing to start to do ASAP.

Basically my intentions/resolutions are staying pretty similar this same year:

  • to watch my spending/save/pay down some debt (pesky credit card!),
  • move in with the boyfriend
  • find a real job,
  • downsize belongings I do not need/use
  • just commit to a healthy lifestyle!
  • keep reading and be more consistent with blogging!

Looking back on 2015, I’ve had an amazing year. I don’t want to sound super sappy but a huge part of that has been my amazing boyfriend. I don’t give him enough credit for how happy and easy he makes my life day in and day out, even if it is just to take me grocery shopping once he gets off work.

I’ve been able to accomplish so much the past year, all of which I’m super thankful for:

  • going to a Leaf’s Game and Real Sports Bar & Grill for my anniversary/23rd birthday with my guy
  • going to a Toronto Rock Game
  • Having my boyfriends nephew being born
  • having one of my best friends move back to Waterloo
  • reconnecting with some amazing friends
  • seeing the Toronto Blue Jays twice!
  • Seeing Shania Twain in Concert!!!
  • Going up to my trailer twice
  • Going to the ROM and the Duke of York
  • Going to the Pillar and the Post for a Christmas party
  • Being able to go back to school!
  • reading 17/20 books while going back to school and working full time

How was your 2015? Do you have any resolutions or how did you do with your resolutions? Let me know!