IMG_4422I just finished one of the busiest weeks of starting my post-graduate certificate-finals week. I got through it, and got through it well I might add. This semester was a whirlwind and a lot of thinking. “I’m definitely not smart enough for this” or “Why am I even in this program again?!” To be reminded that we were told this would happen this first ‘module’ (or what I’m calling a semester) and we would get through it, and be settled in all cozy by the time module 2/semester 2 rolled around.

My second semester started yesterday, and the next 7 weeks are definitely going to be a challenge, with even more intense courses coming my way. I’m excited but already nervous for what is about to lie ahead.

Moving on to this blog, I’m hoping to catch up on some posts this coming week with the free up on my workload until about the end of the week hits, since we’ve already got 2 exams and 2 assignments due in two weeks. Eeeeek! To say the least! I’m hoping to update you on the few, read very few, novels I’ve actually found the time to read during my breaks.

Sadly, I did not go out for Halloween this year, leaving me in a bit of a FOMO mood, but I most definitely needed the vegging out time in watching movies with the boyfriend. Next year, I will most definitely think up an original costume again-last year I was Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas- and go out in style. Halloween is my favorite time of year (but please don’t tell my Mom that!) and I was disappointed in my enthusiasm this year due to the stress of school.

So what did I read this past month?:
Room by Emma Donoghue -review coming soon
Started Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld Secrets which I will probably finish sometime tonight-review coming soon!

What did I do?
-Went to a Fear Farm for a friend’s birthday-actually a lot of fun! Would most definitely go again next year
-had family photos with my boyfriend’s family which resulted to people thinking we had engagement photos done (note: we’re not engaged… nor did we hint that we were)
-went and played laser tag for a friend’s birthday which was a lot of fun, just wish little children weren’t participating in our laser tag at the same time, they like to gang up when it’s an individual challenge
-went and had thanksgiving with my dad’s family whom I haven’t seen in roughly 2 years

How was your Halloween? What did you dress up as? Did you read anything exciting this past month?