It’s been just over a year since I graduated from my Bachelor’s degree at university. I am returning back to school for a postgraduate degree at a nearby college. However, there seems to be this stigma attached to what to do after you graduate. Depending on what program you graduated in, most people try to find a job ASAP, or go on to do a Masters or a Professional Degree program. What I have been finding lately is that there is a little bit of disappointment and confusion with what I have chosen as of late to be my potential career. I am also starting to feel torn between two different career paths- law which I’ve loved for quite some time; or something in the publishing field- note this does not mean I have any desire to be a writer what so ever, I am not THAT creative to publish anything worth reading and would much rather read then review, then write and be critiqued and edit.
I feel as though there may be more pressure to go back to trying to accomplish law school for a third and final time once I’ve had a few years as a paralegal. Something I feel is not in the cards for myself anymore due to the amount of money it would take, my future aspirations as of now, and the fact that I want to get out from being crushed by my large amount of student debt ( $50 000 and counting).
A lot of people have the disappointing tone in their voice when they hear I’ve decided upon a 1 year postgraduate program instead of law school that is put up on this silver platter of ‘up there’ in terms of careers. Yes, it would’ve been awesome to get in, but at the same time, I’m okay with what has now become my plan. I want my life to start, my career to start, to stop having to look for part-time jobs that give me crappy hours and no social life due to closing until 10 pm all weekend long or longer.

In terms of the upcoming school year, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have any reservations or panic in regards to the workload, and if I will enjoy the law I will be learning. The type of career I would like out of this program is something more based out of a larger law firm more in the heart of Toronto- a place I don’t really have any aspirations to work in or commute to. This upcoming year will be extremely hectic, and I was hoping to be more lenient on working this upcoming year, something that won’t be an option at this point in time now due to a financial hiccup. I’m hoping I can become organized and on top of my school work to ensure great grades.

Here’s to back to school.