Right around the time my full time job ended and I started exclusively working at my ‘part time’ ‘summer’ job, I fell into this huge rut. I wasn’t happy, my boyfriend could tell something was up but didn’t push it too far, I felt as though everything was just weird and I felt disconnected from everyone and everything. It took a while for me to identify what was giving me these feelings and why I felt so isolated and off. Basically, I hated my new job. I don’t so much hate the work since it feels so simple to me, I don’t hate who I work with, I just didn’t agree with how my schedule was every week. Essentially, I was working 12-close (which is 8 pm but by the time I was actually leaving it was more like 9:45 then bussing home took until roughly 10:30pm) every Friday and Saturday. Sunday’s I was working 1-6:30pm since they are only open from 12-5. I felt like I had absolutely no time to hang out with my boyfriend, have the ability to go out and potentially have dinner with him, meet up with friends, or really have a life. My days off feel as though I’m running around trying to get all my stuff done (ie grocery shopping, getting all my back to school stuff, banking big girl stuff, etc.) and getting home super late without having any time to actually relax.

Once I started identifying my feelings I was able to start trying to come up with some solutions on how to get myself out of my rut. I started trying to eat a bit better and I’m starting to identify with why sometimes I DON’T eat well (ie bringing boring lunches), I talked to some of my friends and coworkers on their opinions on my schedule and what I should do about addressing my situation. All of this and getting some support to talk about my situation helped me so much that I feel better and more equip to tackle my situation. My schedule next week allows me to have parts of my nights off which I’m super thankful for, but now I feel somewhat awkward addressing my boss tomorrow when I go into work to try and keep this schedule more manageable, but my own mental sanity is more important than a job I’ve decided won’t last past the summer (which they don’t know about-yet) due to the fact that they hand out more hours than they have staff equipped for, especially with me going back to school.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the wonderfully warmer weather!