Do you ever just get taken aback by how perceptive people are of others, especially of you, and what they notice that you overlook that you do? Lately I’ve been paying close attention to some of the people around me who notice certain things about myself due to them knowing me for quite a few years, or have been working closely lately to me. Two of these people happen to be my boyfriend (who I’ve known for 5 years now) and my boss (who’s known me the same length of time as my boyfriend). I’ve gotten a few comments that have really made me take a step back and think. A few of these are “you have quite a temper”, “You have an ego,” “you’re stubborn,” and then the one completely caught me off guard was “you’re looking for ways to be mad at X“. I admit, when people are lazy, have the same responsibilities and duties as me, I get annoyed and frustrated because I feel as though I’m being depended on more to pick up another persons slack. I find ways to see how they don’t do their job, or I guess, see how much better I am at my job than X. I don’t know if I’m just trying to give myself a confidence boost by trying to make myself wonder if I’m just overly critical because maybe I feel as though I have some issues with my own work, or what it is, but I have been trying lately to not be so critical and overly detailed in combing over said person’s work.

As the other comments go, my temper could be seen as a temper since I get passionate about things that piss me off and I want to change, or if I’ve only told people so many times to do Y but they consistently do Z. I do know it may be something I need to work on a bit better, as goes my ‘ego’ and my stubbornness. I do appreciate the people who make these little jabs at me due to how they are as people, and I know they are not trying to be critical, but show me something about myself that may be I’m not looking at. Both my boss and my boyfriend are just trying to make me a better person and better at my job, both critical things I can take with me throughout my life.

In perspective to this, I have been noticing more little things about myself more and more lately. For example, I recently bought a new workout ‘outfit’ you could call it, and I seem to only like workout shorts with the built in underwear for that extra support while running, if you have a decent booty like mine, you know what I mean about the extra support. Or about how if I’ve made a mistake I tend to acknowledge it, tell someone, and fix it right away or attempt to state a solution to the issue right away to go about start to correct it.

Do any of you have people who notice these things about you? Do you see them as negative critiques, or does it depend on the person who is stating this to you?