So before my site lost literally everything, people (who actually read this..) noticed that I had reapplied to law school and I applied to a postgraduate diploma at colleges. I took a year off from school and have been working full time as an assistant manager at the restaurant I’ve been working at on-campus since I started university over 5 years ago. This is why I decided to take a year off and why some of it has been a great reason why.

1.My Brain just needed a break
I didn’t get a whole lot of, “Oh you’ll never go back” from people when I decided to take a year off and planned for it. Most people I know supported me for it and knew if I had my heart set on going back after a break, I would do it regardless. Also, after everything I’ve been through over the last 5 years, I needed a much deserved mental break. School stressed me out and I had to put in so much extra effort in terms of financial “figuring out” re: OSAP and Student Loans while also raising my overall GPA froma  5 toa 7.3 (out of 12). I wanted time to read without being tested on material or writing essays on novels.

2. My Health.
I’ve mentioned before that I have been recently diagnosed with a disease, but never stated what it actually was. Last year around October I started having really bad issues and finally I got referred to a gastroentologist due to my mother having Chron’s Disease. After a colonoscopy in June I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, apart of the Chron’s family (ish). Basically my intestines and colon is inflamed. It was a very fun few months prior to my diagnosis and treatment and now I’m pretty stable with all of that, but it’s something I will have to live with and take treatment for pretty much my whole life. On top of just my Colitis, I get joint pain sometimes and my immune system isn’t as revved up as most people’s, and I’ll be more susceptible to arthritis probably like my mom. Along with that, I’ve been having problems with my sinuses that have just kept developing and never getting worse the last few years and finally got a referral to an Ears, Nose, Throat specialist as well which I could potentially need surgery for and I’m still getting tests done to figure out what’s wrong. All I know for now, after an MRI, is that it’s not from my jaw, and am getting a CT scan in 3 weeks. I’ve also had to deal with a lot of finding coverage for my medication and dealing with the government and filling out forms, etc., has put me in a better place to be more independent financially and just overall.

3. My own finances
As mentioned briefly in this post, my finances have struggled throughout university due to numerous factors. Both my parents were laid off from work right as I was finishing highschool. Thankfully, I was able to obtain a line of credit with them for my first year of university and my second year due to my aunt co-signing. Due to my mother still not obtaining a job, my father only getting paid through WSIB which the bank did not consider income but OSAP did, I was getting kicked on every side and had to appeal to OSAP three times over the last three years of school since they wanted me to pay back $4000 which I did not have in order to obtain funding every year after my first year. It was a lot of forms and documents being sent back and forth to my school which was a nightmare. As well, my parents had to take out a lot of money and pay my rent since they were on the hook for that, something my brother will probably hold over my head for a long time due to him not being able to go to the school he wanted to and having to stay at home. Taking a year off will (hopefully) allow me to reapply to all my financial aid as an independent having no ties to my parents financially. I can also (hopefully) obtain a student loan on my own since I had a salary this past year. All of which are very important since my parents cannot help me when I go back to school.

4. Becoming independent.
I’ve always been pretty independent but this past year has made me so much more so. I don’t rely on my parents anymore and it is a blessing in disguise. My dad and I haven’t had a good relationship since high school due to numerous reasons and now he can barely hang things over my head like he previously used to due to helping me out with school (something he still resents me for). Being out of their house, them moving and it having little effect on me, has made it so much easier to have a better state of mind for myself in terms of my relationship with him. I don’t have to go home for the summer if I don’t want to, I can do my best to stay in my own apartment. If I want to come home it is a choice, not a necessity. Being able to work for a full time job right now also puts me in a better position for a loan come September when I go back to scool.

5. More self awareness
I’m becoming more aware of myself. I see things I need to work on and I genuinely am trying to better myself. I’m working on myself (ha-ha) and it is helping my relationship with my boyfriend at the same time. He also is very observant and his input is sometimes things I don’t want to hear, but need to, and I really value hearing that from someone who loves me and just wants me to be the best version on myself. I used to hold onto a lot of self-doubt in terms of my relationships with friends when things would just go south or we would drift apart, but I’m realizing it’s sometimes no one’s fault, these things happen, and it doesn’t make me a bad friend or person just because these things happen. I used to see myself as a part of those relationships that would define me, but shit happens, and that doesn’t define me.

6. Being able to do the things I want to more.
The last few months since my LSAT’s and applications have been sent in, I’ve been able to read so much more. I enjoy reading so much and lately it’s been an itch I can’t stop scratching unless I’m reading a current book. I’m pretty sure I’ve read almost 10 books in the last three months and I’m hoping to keep it up more.  I also feel as though if I want to stay in bed and watch tv all day on my days off, I can, and I don’t have any other responsibilities to keep up with, which feels great (at this point in my life).


How do you feel about a break from school? Have you taken a break from school?